Restore Illinois/COVID-19 Update – Let’s Move Forward Together – CGO Wealth Management is Here For You!

Your financial security continues to be our top priority. As the workforce in the state of Illinois moves forward including resuming operations in person where it is safe to do so, we want to update you on how CGO Wealth Management, LLC is navigating these new health and safety guidelines. We remain fully “open” for business, as we have been … Continue reading

Introducing Michael Edmonds

Introducing Michael Edmonds – the Newest Member of the CGO Wealth Management, LLC Team I hope this note finds you and yours in good health. With all that continues to go on in the world around us, I am pleased to be able to share some great news happening at CGO Wealth Management, LLC! In April, amidst the economic uncertainties, job … Continue reading

What is the stock market pricing in?: Morning Brief (Repost from Yahoo! Finance)

I read this article in this morning’s Yahoo! Finance Morning Brief and thought it worthy of your time. Many of my clients have been asking me, “Why is the Stock Market going up when the news is so awful?” I’ve said many times you don’t argue with: 1. The Federal Reserve when they’re lowering interest rates, 2. The Federal Government … Continue reading

Bloomberg Evening Briefing (Repost) – Vaccine Optimism – Original Newsletter Sent Monday April 27, 2020

The following is the Bloomberg Evening Briefing sent via email on Monday April 27, 2020. To subscribe to the Bloomberg Evening Briefing, click here. A Covid-19 vaccine could be available for vulnerable groups, like health care workers, as early as this year, according to the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations. The stunning declaration runs counter to the group’s earlier suggestion … Continue reading

Lock In For the Future

I am sure all of you are hearing various news and opinions about today’s economic environment. Last week, I posted two opinions of contributors to CGO Wealth Management, LLC. I respect both of these contributors and acknowledge they had two very different approaches. I do not know when COVID-19 will go away. The Polio virus, which FDR was afflicted with, … Continue reading

Replay of Post-Easter Economy: The Road to Recovery Conference Call

The following is a link to a replay of a April 15, 2020 conference call where we hear speaker BRIAN WESBURY, Chief Economist at First Trust Advisors, L.P. reviews the latest data on the Coronavirus, shares his insights on current events and discusses the potential impact on the economy and financial markets.  From Claude Ohanesian:Brian Wesbury is one of the … Continue reading

Light at end of Tunnel

Careful of the Bounce

The following is contributed by Jack Bouroudjian From Claude Ohanesian: Jack is one of the finest professionals I know. He is a contributor to my firm, CGO Wealth Management, LLC as well as to CNBC. He runs a hedge fund and is closely related to a private company UCX. Jack also was president of Commerz bank and helped start the … Continue reading

A Message To Our Valued Clients About COVID-19

As the situation surrounding COVID?19 continues to evolve, we want to assure you that your financial security is our top priority, and we are here to help you through whatever the coming weeks and months may bring. We are fully “open” for business and ready to serve you. Remotely.  For the well-being of our clients and our team, we are not … Continue reading

It’s A Good Time for A Portfolio Review

In light of the volatility of the recent market due to the Chinese tariff wars and the controversy of the inverse yield curve, I would like to suggest that we set a time to review your portfolio. In this review, we will concentrate on the positioning of your portfolio, as well as the opportunities that lie ahead for the rest … Continue reading

Prediction: We’ll Go Higher From Here.

At the end of 2018, we experienced a 20% correction in the stock market. It was CGO Wealth Management’s belief at that time that because the economy was still strong, the stock market would recover and continue to climb. Now, the question is: Where do we go from here? Our prediction is that we go higher from here. And, as … Continue reading