Claude Ohanesian of CGO is published in Forbes!

CGO Wealth Management LLC has been honored by being published in this months Forbes American’s Financial leaders article. If there was a hall of fame for financial advisors, this would be it! This is such a great way to end 2014 and we wouldn’t have done it without your support and dedication, so thank you. Below is a sneak preview of the article.

As an autograph collector, Claude Ohanesian has a special appreciation for historical figures who took personal risk for a greater good. One of his favorite signatures is that of John Hancock. “John Hancock was wealthy. He didn’t have to stand up for the American Revolution, but he risked everything to make something better,” Ohanesian says. “Another document that means a great deal to me is the original handwritten lyrics to Imagine by John Lennon.” Like the late Beatle, Ohanesian is a dreamer…

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