Restore Illinois/COVID-19 Update – Let’s Move Forward Together – CGO Wealth Management is Here For You!

Your financial security continues to be our top priority.

As the workforce in the state of Illinois moves forward including resuming operations in person where it is safe to do so, we want to update you on how CGO Wealth Management, LLC is navigating these new health and safety guidelines.

We remain fully “open” for business, as we have been open throughout this COVID-19 crisis, and ready to serve you. 

For the well-being of our clients and our team, we continue to recommend meeting virtually as much as possible. Although we have missed being able to shake your hand and greet you face-to-face, we’ve been pleasantly surprised with how many of you are embracing doing business via phone, email, Facetime and Zoom meetings.

While I’ve spent weeks dreaming of the day that we would be released back to our “old life”, the reality of returning is showing us that we are not going back to the life that was. We are returning to something new. Things have changed. Preparedness Plans, Health Checks, and COVID policies are now the way forward.

Your Safety and Well-Being is our Priority. 

Although we are recommending that we do as much virtually as possible, we are here in the office and available to you, if you feel an in-person appointment is most appropriate.

We have implemented the following COVID-19 measures to protect you and our team as we work together:

  • We will utilize technology as our primary and preferred communication method whenever it makes sense to do so.
  • When meeting in person:
    • We will follow social distancing guidelines
    • We may wear masks and may ask you to do the same
    • We will wash or sanitize our hands thoroughly before coming in contact with you
    • We will cancel any appointments with you if our team shows any signs of illness, and ask you to also inform us if you show signs of illness

What do I do with my questions and correspondence? 

Continue with your conversations as you would previously. Claude, Kevin, and our newest team member, Michael are working normal hours (though sometimes remotely) and want to ensure we continue to meet your needs without missing a beat. Checks you are sending to CGO Wealth Management should still be mailed to the office.

We are all navigating challenging times. I have great hope for the days ahead, and also know that our days post-COVID will look different than our days pre-COVID. If you need to talk, we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment with me.

We look forward to continuing to serve you well,
Claude Ohanesian
CGO Wealth Management,LLC

The following resources include up-to-date information about the Restore Illinois Plan: