A Message To Our Valued Clients About COVID-19

As the situation surrounding COVID?19 continues to evolve, we want to assure you that your financial security is our top priority, and we are here to help you through whatever the coming weeks and months may bring.

We are fully “open” for business and ready to serve you. Remotely
For the well-being of our clients and our team, we are not having in-person appointments for now. Rest assured, we are available to assist you via phone or email. We are also happy to Facetime or Zoom in order to be face-to-face.

We will keep you posted when we are ready to have appointments in our office once again.

What do I do with my check that I am sending to CGO Wealth Management? 
Checks should still be mailed to the office:
CGO Wealth Management,LLC
600 Central Ave
Suite 200
Highland Park,  Il 60035

Claude is going in to the office regularly to attend to these items that need to be processed physically.

What do I do with my questions and correspondence? 
Continue with your conversations as you would previously. For emails during these times, please CC Claude (Claude@cgowealth.com) and Kevin (kevin@cgowealth.com) – who are both working remotely – as an extra step to ensure we continue to meet your needs without missing a beat.

In addition, feel free to text of call Claude on his cell phone: 847-275-9996

What is going to happen with the market? 
How did we get here? 
My belief is that the first 20% of the decline was due to the COVID-19 virus. However, the last 15% was due to a break in oil, which forced sovereign funds to liquidate stocks they margined to oil.

Much liquidity has been supplied to the economy/markets from the federal reserve and the federal government.

What happens now?
Although I do not know when this will end, rest assured our investments in your portfolio have been strategically arranged so that we will capitalize on the rebound when it comes. China is already sending people back to work and reassembling the economy.

With all of the liquidity being poured into the economies around the world, my belief is that we will see new highs in the market and our accounts.

We know everyone is being impacted in many ways – big and small. If you need to talk, we are here for you. Please do not hesitate to make an appointment with me. We can speak on the phone or via Facetime or Zoom, if needed.

We will prevail,