Monthly Archives: November 2013

Important Year End Financial Considerations

2013 is rapidly coming to a close. With all the holiday festivities coming up, it is also important to designate some dedicated time and thought to one’s finances and tax planning for 2013-2014. It could be time very well spent. And even be money well spent in advancing retirement savings and both long term and short term planning. Here are … Continue reading

A Reality Check on Deadbeat Dads

Child support is a necessary component of any divorce settlement. We all agree that children are the real victims in a divorce, and that any assistance the courts can mandate to help these children is a good thing. What is not good, however, is mandating unrealistic support payments from a father who cannot afford to pay them, and then charging … Continue reading

The Coming Market Correction in 2014

Forecasting market behavior is akin to predicting the future. This is no easy task. Most forecasts use history in order to predict what will happen and then adjust that prediction up or down with “market intelligence” in order to arrive at a forecast. Regardless of the forecasting model, it is still about trying to predict the future. Using the past … Continue reading